Strategic Planning

Strategy is often seen as one of the key tasks of senior managers, but in reality is part of every employee’s activity whether making strategic decisions or implementing actions resulting from them. Making and implementing decisions is never an easy task especially in larger workgroups so it is often necessary for managers to develop new skills by providing insights into the theory and practice of managing the process of strategic decision-making and strategy implementation in organisations.

Decision Coaching

Decision making can often be more art than science. There is no reliable method by which we can objectively determine the best course of action in advance and so we need to rely on experience and knowledge to navigate a path through an uncertain world. Decision Coaching is the only coaching framework that drives and supports structured and effective decision-making for individuals and groups


The new world of marketing is non-forgiving. It demands more accountability in terms of Return on Investment, more analysis than just Google Analytics can deliver and greater innovation in all parts of the marketing mix. The role of marketing is becoming more specific and focused, driving marketers to know much more about customer behaviour, to understand the need to meet requirements rather than just sell and to deliver tangible value through intangible activities.


Insight comes in many forms. At minimum it can be an unrecognizsed fundamental human truth or a new way of looking at the world causes us to reexamine existing conventions and challenge the status quo. More practically it can be a penetrating observation about human behaviour that results in seeing people from a fresh perspective and discovering the underlying motivations that drive their actions.